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GuruShots exhibition at Rendez-vous Image - Strasbourg, France

​GuruShots January exhibition is all around "Borders"​
If it is physical, virtual, or one's self, Borders was A hot topic this past year reviewed by philosophers, internet experts as well as world leaders.
GuruShots has chosen to invite her members worldwide for their view on the matter and participate in one of France's most exquisite photography events - Rendez Vous Image - in Strasbourg

Presenting works of ​600 photographers, each with their own unique interpretation of the theme. The photos will be shown as prints as well as on a digital screen.

​Crossing the borders of the virtual to the tangible world, the exhibition is conceived by GuruShots, an online platform that connects and inspires hundreds of thousands of photographers from around the world.
Gurushots provides online themed photo challenges where photographers can participate by uploading their own photos, and at the same time vote for the photos they like best and by receiving votes climb the platforms ranking system.

Using a combination of crowd-sourced curation and a special GuruShots expert panel to select the best images, which will be shown in​ ​ Rendez Vous Image - in Strasbourg

Save the date!

Participating GuruShots photographers - R.S.V.P​ Via Facebook for VIP Invitations.

Posted by Ольга Иванова on 2 янв 2018, 01:23

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